Wednesday, 25 April 2012

#HACKTIVISM Tor Project - Lecture (Mor Mor! ) #OTB #OpenSource #Cryptography #Privacy

Tor is an incredibly useful tool; even if it is heavily monitored and many nodes are or may be run by untrusted or untrustworthy characters.  The key is in the crypto; of only using it WITHIN the limitations of it's design, and to do that you need to understand what it does and doesn't do.  For that you can read up on the website you should get to know well if you are a complete newbie to Internet Privacy:  

For now, herewith an in-depth look at the very, very serious business of keeping Government out of your communications and also out of the way of seizure of your logs; not without one hugely aweful amount of global international co-ordinated searches and seizures.  And in case you didn't know, Tor isn't just for browsing the web in some relative safety (with some added risks)!  Perhaps you don't already know that you can PUBLISH HIDDEN WEBSITES via the Tor network, along with do anonymous IRC, Jabber, and a whole host of other cool things!  If that's news to you - there's a whole world of hidden Internet out there 'inside' the cipherspace - just follow The White Rabbit - we'll show you around; and not just around the Tor Hidden web; others coming up over the weeks, months and years ahead! ;)  All go! LOL 


Why not install Tor and check out ANONYMOUS ACCESS to our ETHERPAD 1?  We haven't had time to run that test yet!  The ETHERPAD's .onion address is published on that page!

If you want to straight to the Anonymous access get-go help for our friends in need indeed in Asamblea Carabanchel/Madrid/#15M; click here!


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