Wednesday, 25 April 2012

#EUROPE Eurozone Crisis - Collapse by Design #OTB

Leader of Freemen across the United Kingdom Nigel Farage MEP.  This 'nobody in politics' is only a 'nobody' on MSM.  Putting every last British MP to shame on almost every subject under the Sun; freedom, liberty, economics (commodities in particular; he is an EX-COMMODITIES BROKER if you didn't know), England's auld Nigel Farage has been telling you and telling you, and telling you.  No matter where you live globally, you need to pay attention to this man, and keep him alive:  in The White Rabbit's view there has already been an attempt on this man's life.  

"Published on 6 Apr 2012 by UnlimitedHangout

This man spoke out loud in front of the Eurpean Parliament several times what will happen in the eurozone, but almost everybody ignored his argumentation or was laughing out loud... hey, look what happened!"

Accidents, do happen, but in the symbology of control; dropping Nigel Farage out of the sky on the same day Polish Nationalists went down in Russia (thereby also dropping Putin in the fire wrongly again, solely in the personal opinion of The White Rabbit) ...  the very DAY BEFORE HE WAS TO OPEN THE EU PARLIAMENTS FIRST EVER PRESS CONFERENCE ON BILDERBERG (coming up on this site almost next!;)).  

Well now.  Accidents may happen, but we ain't *that* stupid.  We wish to make clear Nigel Farage does not make such allegations...  Well, just listen up - out of time and space!   Gotta find out the latest on Russia for you!  Back with more in a mo; as ever 24/7/365!


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