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And so for our Japanese visitors; friends all, here we have the evidence, taken LESS THAN ONE MONTH AGO, in Devon, England, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (South West England if you don't know where Devon is!).  Nice huh ... no mention, as always, on the BBC, about any of this.  Are you learning yet why the BBC exists?  Are you learning yet why the TV itself is the problem, even?  Becuase we can tell you to get rid of it all we want; we can honestly tell you we took ours to the tip some considerable time ago now (a year or two) ... The evidence is now starting to STACK AND RACK on this website; only the wilfully blind may continue to pretend there are no problems here.  We might add, this video only came to our attention because the UPDATE ON RADIATION RAIN (Canada) video on this website, has strangely and mysteriously been taken down/turned private, etc.  Perhaps someone out there doesn't want you to know what's falling from the skies friends; your Government, for one. ;)

RADIATION RAIN:  Devon, England, United Kingdom, EU

Let us not forget, there is only one place all of this radiation is going to end up, once it's made it's way into the waterways, then into the food chain, then into your TAP WATER ...  Note, there is another video, taken the very next day (some hours later), below the write-up, next. ;)

"Published on 2 Mar 2012 by RadLevelsEngland

‎24x Background that's 2.446μSv/hr (microsievert/hr).
Time: 23:40hrs GMT
Location South West England.
Conditions: Rained for short time and then I took a rain swipe taken off car whilst it was stil rained

My normal background levels in microsievert/hr are around 0.087μSv/hr. and in Counts per minute are 34cpm.

Please don't bother me with the usual "oh its just Radion washout along with its daugter products" because Ive been there and done that. These videos are just to catologue my own fallout events. Any abuse will be reorted and removed. I also havent got the time really to get engadged in tit for tat conversations about my videos. If I have any questions I will ask. But if you have answers then plse. Thankyou fellow humans

Half Life follow up (10min count)
Half life
23.10 = 638.2cpm (6382/10mins)
23.30 = 458.8cpm
23.50 = 320.0cpm

00.10 = 228.3cpm
00.30 = 157.3cpm
00.50 = 115.8cpm

01.10 = 84.6cpm
Then 45mins later
01.55 = 59.2cpm
02.10 = 55.3cpm
02.11 = very board and had enough lol
It seems very clear that the half life was 40mins or there about.
Tellurium Te-134 - 41.8 minutes (beta)
Cesium Cs-138 - 32.2 minutes (beta)
Iodine I-134 - 52.6 minutes (beta)
Lead Pb-211 - 36.1 minutes (beta)
Bismuth Bi-213 -45.65 minutes"

"Published on 3 Mar 2012 by RadLevelsEngland

Time 01:00hrs GMT

Just started to drizzle. Took this rain swipe off my car. There is a big weather front moving in and it is expected to rain very hard over South of England. The slow part of the jet stream is over head. If I get chance I will take another sample a little later from my car if it is still raining to see if levels have gone up or hopefully gone down. This was alpha and beta mostly beta.

45mins prior to this I took another sample from my car which was wet but just from the condensation, it was not raining and the readings were normal

I appreciate peeps comments but please don't bother with the radon wash out idea because it has been bashed about for a while now. Now I am not saying this isn't Radon wash out, last nights 833cpm (24x background) most certainly wasn't, and I am not saying it is from Fukushima but lets face it there is a global nuclear catastrophe taking place. Also If it was radon washout then one would expect it when it rained and wind coming from these same directions one would always get some higher than normal levels....but one doesnt. All of my records show no consistency for radon washout but these higher levels do so happen to coincide with the Jet stream over head and sometimes known releases from Fukushima days earlier.


02:20hrs Fresh swipe. Raining harder = 4x background (140-160cpm)....


02:50hrs Fresh swipe. Rain same = 3x background (110-130cpm)

Met Office weather update is that South Devon isn't now going to have lots of rain it has moved up country."

Source:  as indicated.  

The White Rabbit comments:  someone, give this man a medal, QUICK!! ;)


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