Saturday, 28 April 2012

#DRAKE Interview #Military #LawEnforcement #OTB

Now arrests are underway we felt it very important to attempt to get people unaware as to what has been going on up to speed as fast as possible because you do not have the time to get through the 1300+ posts we've made attempting to do that; it's too late.  Here we publish an interview recorded subsequently to his first interview with 'Drake'.  We have not yet listened to this (but are right now) ... This interview apparently sets the record straight from the first interview we covered.  Really, you should start with that interview before listening to this one if you have never even heard the name Drake before now.

"Clearing up misconceptions and setting the record straight
with Drake as our featured guest 3/22/2012 Listen

Address to ALL Military Sun, Mar 18, 2012

This show was primarily designed for our active and retired military, co-hosted by well known Freedomizer – Jo Anne Moretti. Our primary guest was Drake – and our belovd Teri helped fill in a few gaps in this presentation.

Sometime in the near future, contingents of federal marshals will be serving papers on – and arresting – a number of people. They will be backed up by active military troops. Once again, this is not a military coup. Drake – our man with more connections than I can imagine – brought forth a straight-forward set of instructions to remind our military about the proper manner to refuse an unconstitutional order.

This was followed by a set of free-wheeling calls. If there was ever a show to bring to the attention of your local sheriffs, mayors, police chiefs – and any military you know – this is it. It’s an edge-of-the-seat presentation – and an all-out effort to keep peace in trying and troubling times."

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