Friday, 27 April 2012

#BANKSTERS Central Bank Crime Syndicate UPDATE

The fraudsters fraudster; central banks ...  We hate 'em, we do.  Without the central banks, backstoppiing the immense, now multi-trillion frauds being perpetuated on the peoples of Europe and America right now by the banksters minions, simply put, debt enslavement would not be able to exist.  All these criminal cocksuckers would have lost their shirts (and gone to jail) long before now.  But no, with the CENTRAL BANKSTERS around to give SECRET 15 TRILLION DOLLAR LOANS TO THE CRIME SYNDICATES sister CRIME SYNDICATES in other countries; and all the perhaps illuminati controlled companies ...  Oh I digress.  Onto the meat:  an update on these criminals from as we explained before, perhaps the most informed journalists on finance around; we're starting to love this lady big-time!  

Of course, to anyone who knows anything about finance, the legendary Jim Grant needs no introduction.  For those who do not recognise Mr Grant ....  It's time you got to know one of the worlds most pre-eminent economics forecasters on planet earth; publisher of the bankers bible on interest rates!  Banksters must HATE having this economic mind around.  He exposes their cons in ways they really don't like (because it allows YOU to make money!). :)

And we all know, banksters want ALL THE MONEY; these scum know no bounds in their GREED to ENSLAVE THE PLANET with their FAKE FIAT MAGIK BANKSTER VALUELESS PAPER MONEY.  More on this interesting subject, as we move along! :)


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