Monday, 30 April 2012

#OTB APRIL 2012 Monthly Stats 4 Bin Bernanke

The White Rabbit - told you the Rabbits we're going to save you from the Banksters if the Americans had lost all sense of responsibility for keeping their own government in good order! High ho - another week ahead, and this one PROMISES to be HUGE ... 

That's the word in the deep, deep, deep warren server room after our HUGE FINANCIAL BANKSTER DISCLOSURES overs the weekend.  What; you're just about to lose your shirt on HSBC and don't even know it?

MONTH END STATS:  April 2012 (from Oct 2011)

On other news.  The White Hats have kindly linked into  #OpBLACKHEATH petition website which now I'm reliably informed is seeking FORUM MEMBERS (free memberships we assume) ... 

So why not give two BRITISH HEROES DEMANDING ANSWERS FROM THE SCAMSTERS some support!  Get the discussion going JUST WTF IS GOING ON HERE FOLKS; in the USA, in the EU; in BANKS GLOBALLY.  It's Time - Let's Roll! ;)  It's time to get those 10,000 BANKSTER ARRESTS!!!  Three down, of course, if you've been offline, over the weekend! ;)  

What, you mean you missed ALL the fun?!?!  WHHHAAAT, you work in finance and you've NEVER heard of WHITE SPIRITUAL BOY?????  

The White Rabbit ... #Dives4Burrow


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 - U Need - ... The White Rabbit! ;~)

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