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UPDATE 5  - posted 00.51 8th - a most utterly beautiful morning for humanity!


UPDATE2:  BLACKHEATH appears on the House of Lords website as alive, and under the entry J (for Lord James (of Blackheath). - many apologies for earlier confusion.  Let's hope this little entry gets cleared up in a similarly positive manner soon, with confirmation Lord Blackheath is in fact, alive and well.  Nevertheless, we hope if so, he doesn't plan on the train to work tomorrow morning, for reasons which will soon become clear.  

NB: Wikipedia entry (never brought to front page?) shows entry that Lord Blackheath died from a HEART ATTACK on a public train yesterday 29th February 2012.  

Wikipedia Entry (never used?) - screenshot taken as at date/time in filename.
Below next, the current wikipedia entry; showing everything's just fine ....  NO DEATH REPORTED WHATSOEVER ...  Just WTF is going on folks ...  Start PUBLISHING. ;)

Current wikipedia entry - screenshot taken minutes after the one that appears first.
Of course, this could also simply be a psy-opp on us, and you, AND Lord Blackheath


NB:  Our most important post yet on the subject of finance and BANKSTERS.  Please read all the way through to the end (important clarifications etc included). COURT FILING LINK!

We realise this is just too much for so many, but the facts, are facts, and no amount (like with 911) of "But it just CAN'T be true" is going to help you with this.  Only many many hours research, which you can start now with our recently (this weekend gone) GEOBANKSTER BRIEFINGS (see down the right hand side on any page, currently just underneath the NAVIGATION section).  FWIW, this document has now come our way.  We publish it, so that you may be as informed as you wish.  We do realise many will criticize us for publishing this.  We don't care.  The truth is the truth.  It's NOT our fault if many of you cannot handle it.  You can handle it with the right understanding of world events, and hidden world history, which we make available to you via the said GEOBANKSTERISM: BANKSTER BRIEFINGS! 

We're proud to be The White Rabbit ... a hint that, when it comes to the race between The White Hats, and The Black Hats.  Bush, is going DOWN.  Simple.  He cannot take us all out, even if he is likely to try (though we do note one journalistic death at 43 reported today already).  So roll up folks, get this news out NOW - the MSM won't get it out (and increasingly it looks like all networks are clearly involved in the cover-up), so it's down to you and me, dear blog reader, to inform the world of what the BANKSTERS will not.  We cannot agree with the source (see bottom link) for this document enough; these events create many questions about the role of Intelligence Services in the EU, as well as the USA; is it really possible that these events could all have been going on WITHOUT their knowledge?  If you're all totally new to this perhaps start back in December 2011, when we published:  BREAKING GLOBALLY - ILLUMINATI FINANCE (you've got to call these perps something!).  To anyone that wants to give this the 'conspiracy only' treatment; WAKE THE FUCK UP; people are risking their lives worldwide to bring this story out.  We know, we're one of them having first published on 15th December 2011 about these very complex events!  BELIEVE IT!  You say you want the truth; don't walk past it - it's HERE folks! 

White Hats Strategic Overview
Here are some Twitter accounts for the main networks:  @AP @WSJ @jonsnowC4


 Which please note also contains this bit of Intel:

"For example, this past week, an Internet article alleged the $15T referenced in a House of Lords speech was Leo Wanta's money. The same article referencing Lord James' courageous speech stated that the $27.5T stolen from Wanta somehow included the $15T. This is totally inaccurate. Further, rumors are circulating that a party to a 2011 Federal lawsuit is somehow laying claim to the $15T. This as well is not accurate either. Expect this type of disinformation to increase over the coming weeks and months."

NOTE; we may ourselves be guilty here of conflating issues ... as ever, we can only do as best as we can do; the above article referenced could have been Veterans Today ... As ever, check back soon - we'll be covering this one all the way to conclusion, our death or arrest!


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