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We've burned our Twitter account working on this since 5am GMT today; over to you infowarriors!

As many of you know from private conversations, we agree with the author, that Leo Wanta deserves to be recognised as America's greatest living hero.  More than that now, it's time to help Obama get your money back from the Crooked Bush rogue crime syndicate! JOIN US:
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A few very short extracts will be enough to get you reading the whole article, we're sure!

"The money “they” are about to steal is $27.5 trillion of which $23 trillion belongs to you and me as American taxpayers. In 2003, a U.S. Federal District Court Judge made Ambassador Leo Wanta the legal Beneficiary of $27.5 trillion ($4.5 trillion belongs to him, personally) ...

"For those readers familiar with the Wanta name, he was indeed appointed the Somali Ambassador to Switzerland and to Canada. I have copies of his Diplomatic Passports and the Somali Letters of Introduction to these two governments. I have 9.7 gigabytes of data on Ambassador Wanta on my computer (copies are in other hands, too). ...

Lee Emil Wanta (birth certificate) or Leo Emil Wanta (baptism certificate) has served his country at the White House, the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency and six other government agencies during his career. Among others, his code names were Falconbird and Stillpoint. Leo E. Wanta, S-31-IANO/Sector V Internal Affairs New Orleans, is also known as Frank B. Ingram <FBI> (SA32NV) and Rick Reynolds (SA233MS) – used when directly communicating to field operations. According to records at the Ronald Reagan Library, he was honored with a Presidential Award for saving the President’s life in an assassination attempt. ...

On April 15, 2003 the Honorable Gerald Bruce Lee, in case number 02-1363-A filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, issued an Order and Memorandum of Opinion. In it, the Court stated the Plaintiff, Ambassador Leo E. Wanta, should pursue liquidation of his corporations, recovery of their financial assets, and he should pay all required taxes in accordance with the law. The amount of money involved in the Wanta international corporations to be liquidated was $27.5 trillion. ...

Since the April 2003 Court Opinion in Virginia, Lee Wanta has been trying to liquidate the corporations and their financial assets to pay taxes. 35 percent of $23 trillion would put about $8 trillion into our financially-strapped (read bankrupt) Treasury. The U.S. Government will not give him access to the funds so they can be liquidated. Until liquidation occurs, Lee Wanta cannot pay the taxes owed. Don’t ask me why – ask “them.”... (continues) ..."

We cannot recommend this article (nor this writer) highly enough:


Please, get the word out!  It's your money, and BUSH criminales have it.  Obama wants it back, why not let's give him a hand .. and reveal the hidden cabal that controls YOUR president to boot! ;)  It's time folks - Let's Roll! ;)  If you're all a bit new to this, you should click this link and study the developing story in some detail.


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  1. I am sending this to as a because of the importance of this story in todays economy this is a follow-up to the Wantagate story, Ambassador Wanta's biography is being published as it's being written by Marilyn Barnewall and validated by Lee Wanta.
    This important story is being offered at no cost to readers at all, this is too important to charge anything.
    I thought this may be of interest to you.

    The Wanta Saga leads us into the uncharted territory of government corruption when this American hero was arrested and imprisoned for a non-existent unpaid, estimated civil tax scam in Wisconsin. Lee Wanta’s story involves other names with which we are familiar – like Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton and Marc Rich who was the last person former President Bill Clinton pardoned before leaving office.
    The thing for which Ambassador Lee Wanta is best known is that of being the richest man in the world. Many have called him the $27.5 trillion man. I hope we’ll have time to explain how this one American patriot earned all of that money and how he intended – and still intends – to use it to benefit the people of the nation he so loves.


    1. You are the most well informed commentator on this blog, and I commend you for your true understanding of reality, as I, too, The White Rabbit, see it. You nail the big issue underlying others; the system of black project finance; and that's nexus with organised crime as an outsource, now gone overworld with the arinng of global mercenary businesses floated on public stock exchanges, and banking providing the key criminal, in every case; one providing the 'service'; a criminal organisational corruption service; allowing all the criminal conspirers to not only conduct, but also get away, with there global criminal enterprises, and buying up the banks, just as quickly as they can, along the way.

      We now have slash a burn at work; like all very dangerous criminal organised crime; embedded and now protected by the State licencee; armed violence now getting out of control worldwide.

      If you allow the most hardened organised criminals in world history loose with all the tools; as you have done, humans.

      What else where you expecting but false insurance claims (the bailouts), and a shoot and loot strategy; worldwide.

      Really nice to know by your presence here, that you obviously get I get it too. You get as many brownie points as Godwilla writer @moecephus for being smart & switched on! :)

  2. Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat -
    How the US Government Stole $23 Trillion from the American People (download pdf, podcast interviews, video interview plus more here)

    First time video interview with Lee Wanta


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