Friday, 30 March 2012

#USA #RonPaul Time To Decide - Full Interview #OTB

Bottom line is that libertarians will be the first to admit that libertarianism doesn't have all the answers to every problem on planet earth; unlike adherents to every other political philosophy out there on planet earth however, they alone, won't bullshit you about that.  ;)

Now, if you want another four years of bullshit, of unbalanced budgets, and unnecessary and downright harmful foreign illegal wars, then you just go vote for any candidate you want except Ron Paul ...  (continues below video)

If you've been wavering however, trying to see the truth through the lies and the bullshit put out (increasingly frenetically) by the MSM owned networks so desperate to destroy your belief that just might be worth taking the time to do, this one's for you!  A whole hour; just Ron; just answering with straight answers, all those questions they'll never let him get near answering live on National TV in a debate.  You see, the bailout corporations, insurers, banks, and central banks of this planet, 400 years into YOUR slavery, really, really, REALLY don't want his ideas that we can END THE FED - no problems - catching on.  I mean, where would all their inflated saleries come from, if not stupid taxpayers!


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