Tuesday, 27 March 2012

URGENT 日本 #HAARP #Academic Attack Proof #Academia #Dutchsinse #OTB

For those who have not been keeping up to speed; unable or unwilling to do the work to get up to speed enough with what is *really* going on geopolitically, militarily, etc, etc, etc, this is going to be way over your head.  For those that have already made it through at least BANKSTER BRIEFING 1 BB 1 天皇 천황 皇帝 BANKSTERS and already are up to speed with e.g. HAARP and Dutchsinse (the Internet's leading self-appointed CIVILIAN, NON-ACADEMIC researcher and publisher on the subjects of HAARP (specifically; side-issuing all those other subjects that come along with HAARP), here for the first time ever, we seem to have captured, no less an Academic in Japan, stumbling into what half of the Internet's deepest and most intelligent researchers already have the other half of the picture!).  Simply amazing.  This guy has picked up what Dutchsinse has; he just DOESN'T KNOW IT YET!  


translation: 'Japanese readers; TRACK THIS MAN DOWN URGENTLY AND TELL HIM!'

"Uploaded by truexposure on Mar 26, 2012
Professor Kosuke Heki of Hokkaido University stumbles by accident upon higher Electron Content in the upper atmosphere before earthquakes.. He has no real explantion why, it seems he is unaware of HAARP.

I am trying to find a recent TV program i recently watched, where part of it had Scientists have heated up the atmosphere to carry out experiments and tests. if anyone saw that on either BBC's Journey of the Planet, or a recent weather documentary."

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