Sunday, 25 March 2012

#MEXICO Paedo Pope To Rewrite Constitution #OTB

Paedophile Pope welcomed to Mexico to change the constitution of Mexico, even though only 5% of Mexican population describe themselves as devout.  Of course, true to the Paedo Pope's form in spending the last 30 years ensuring paedophilic priests stayed priests, stayed abusing children just in a different diocese), and kept their pensions, this broadcast confirmed this head of the Italy (and the world?) largest money laundering bank intends to meet no victims of his coverup; those that continued to be abused in Mexico because of this Paedo Pope's policy document, personally authored by this Paedo Pope.

Now we have Naples and the Catholic Church once again implicated RIGHT THIS WEEK in supplying CHILDREN for SEX to the US Navy and Military 'elite' (you know, like the Catholic 'elite', this seems these days to imply sexual abuse preferences for children, that's certainly the way the facts are stacking up anyway).  Like it or not!  We bring the mass delusion rides in Mexico; thousands slaughtered in the war on drugs; send your profits to Rome for laundering! ;)  Come cheer your oppressor! Mexicans, in the scientific literature, your behaviour is known as Münchausen syndrome by proxy! The DISAPPEARED are what the Pope's rule of Mexico has brought to the people of Mexico; dare you watch?

World' Biggest Money Launderer & Paedophilic Cult Operator WELCOMED by fools in Mexico (Who must want more children ass raped to 'Learn About God'?)


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