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UPDATE1 - we have now listened to the entire set of this whole massive interview.  As we thought and pointed out (and as some who already understand they can trust us ;)) this is perhaps the most significant interview release on the WWW since Saddam Hung.  You've just gotta do it; ignore the fact it's UNCUT; that is also it's beauty (and perhaps why released this way - once can judge for oneself; the probity, and veracity of the - we hesitate to use the word 'testimony' of this - THE BRAVEST AMERICAN WHISTLEBLOWER since Sibel Edmonds testimony blew open the entire fraud, drugs, nuclear-tech multi (as we now know thanks to Lord Blackheath - multi-TRILLION frauds on the PUBLIC PURSE conducted by the  NAMED NAMES this LADY NAMES ... Bush cock-sucking; Skull & Bones (bedside chat); Milan, Vatican, NATO, US ARMY MIND CONTROL (action control); INTO THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE .... Ladies and gentlemen, we will leave our first published statement below for posterity.  For being one of the first website's in the world to make widely available this knowledge of the insiders, inside; PILLOW TALK WITH US SPECIAL OPERATIONS chief of Staff wife talk stuff - WITH A DIARY OF PROOF IN THE HAND OF HER HUSBAND.... Well, we've just gotta say ... don't fall asleep and miss the best bits ... hang in; UNCUT ride!

We have just come across a 10 minute summary of this interview, and immediately tracked down the whole thing, which even though (and this is VERY rare for us; this is about the second time we think we have done this in the 6 months or so we've been running this blog) we put this video on the site WITHOUT having watched it at all yet!  We just know neither you nor us are going to be disappointed.  This brave lady blows the whistle on control mechanisms over USA military personnel; specifically it would seem, that untouchable group that are held in such high esteem inside the USA; on the US MARINE CORPS.


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  1. I wonder if this is why the big push to allow gays in the military? My brother is in the USN, his son is gay, he fully supports gays in the military. His job is/was crypto and satellite communication. I don't know anything about what goes on, but I know at times he is fed up with stuff that goes on beyond what we are told on the news, yet I don't know any specifics.

    1. I doubt it is behind the big push to allow gays in the military; to me, that's just called equality,.

      I do appreciate for many heterosexual males who have not come into contact (if you forgive the pun) with homosexuals enough to realise they are humans too, this makes them feel highly uncomfortable, they will learn, that just like heterosexuals and women in the military, the urge to shag their buddy can be contained. Really. It's called professionalism.

      Let us not forget, homosexuals are not rapists; perhaps more accurately, only AFAIK, just as much as heterosexuals.

      I do believe (as an ex-part-time soldier myself, and a heterosexual, that the buddy system in use by most (all?) militaries around the world *is* different than almost all other professions, or 'jobs' (where one doesn't have to e.g. get into a sleeping bag with someone else, wipe there ass in NBC etc), bottom line (oh dear, another unintended pun), is that all sexual discrimination is just as wrong as all sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

      As to the secrecy game; well now, that's hard ... Real hard, to sometimes, what others don;t and to not be able to say. Real hard to know a reality knowing others are so deluded about that reality as to not even realise it's reality at all.

  2. As I was reading through the top of the article I saying to my self, "Please be Kay Griggs, please be Kay Griggs." 2012 was a remarkable year for me. We thought the world could end in Dec. And all of this information was being disclosed at a rapid pace, if you were paying attention, and things were unfolding to me and those around me, in the most remarkable, sensible and logical way. During my first weeks on twitter and really first weeks back into researching reality, @charlesfrith posted the Kay Griggs video. I watched the whole thing in a Saturday, and old theories and feelings I had YEARS ago but pushed back down kept flooding in. I felt completely vindicated and enlightened. This was the single most important film I watched, and I am glad it was one of the firsts, because the more information I got, the more this film rang true and helped the pieces fit perfectly. I had been dabbling in G. Washington when I came across Kay Grigs, and she is a Daughter of Virginia and a Patriot, is all I have to say. She's beautiful and one of the bravest people I have ever seen. Prepare for cognitive dissonance and try to watch the whole thing...some parts are repetitive -- GOD we are owned and run by psychotic criminals!


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