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#HAARP DUTCHSINSE VINDICATED #Japan #Chemtrails #WeatherWeapon #OTB

It's nice when one of the most maligned alternative researchers personally takes the time to thank our sister website; yes, @censorednewsnow is one of the websites Dutchsisnse thanks for backing him, BEFORE the evidence came out; see below the video for Dutchsinse's comment, and click here to see the DEATH THREAT/INTIMIDATION on our sister site's youtube channel once you've watched the below, if you're interested to see just how much crap blogs like ours and our sister website have to take (our sister website is still offline ATM!). Nevertheless, it's time folks, for us to take ourselves - the amateurs - deathly seriously.  You see, because we can work out what's going on, IF WE TRY, IF WE TRUST - ourselves!! ;)

"Uploaded by dutchsinse on Mar 24, 2012
A very special thanks to all those who stood behind me even when there was NO additional supporting evidence... oh what a difference a few months makes !!

This past week has vindicated us on many levels... a .PDF paper from Stanford University... FULLY COVERING THE PHENOMENON that we've been documenting since last year... the 'HAARP ring'..'stairstep pattern'.. and 'Scalar Square' RADAR signature patterns. VERIFIED via scientific paper directly relating to HAARP.

Here is the full .PDF.... Page 2, section 2, subsection 11 clearly states the types of geometric patterns that are projected into the sky from the ground based HF (high frequency) station heater.... used to HEAT the lower ionosphere .. producing the typical patterns we have been seeing on RADAR which induce severe weather.

Turns out these are what 'THEY' call these same HAARP signatures .... Square Wave, Sawtooth Pattern, and Circle Sweep mode.

If you haven't put it together yet... Scalar Squares = Square Wave, stairstep pattern = sawtooth pattern , and HAARP ring = Circle Sweep.

2nd thing to be vindicated this week was PREPLANNED EARTHQUAKES / Man made events .... the mexico 7.9 magnitude was indeed pre-planned for over a month before hand.... to the DAY, MINUTE, HOUR, exact COUNTRY, exact magnitude ...

Here is the full post PROVING this to be the case:

And also proved correct on volcanic plumes coming from dormant volcanic spots:


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