Tuesday, 13 March 2012

#EXOPOLITICS John Lear Interview #ProjectCamelot

So here we have one of our most favourite of all disclosure interviews out there, and we MUST WARN YOU in advance, that by publishing this interview, we step from the formal disclosure of certified insiders, who may be restricted in what they may say, to the other end of the spectrum entirely.  From facts, to supposition, secret conversation(s), and a whole host of REASONING about what *may* be going on on and off-planet from someone who has not been under a national security blacket for an awfully long time now.  

We introduce to you someone who was flying on the Lear Jet as a baby, in the pilots lap; his father, the maker of the 1%'s favourite jet; the Lear Jet.  Introducing one of the most fascinating people alive today; introducing, John Lear...  The interviews are on this page choronologically.  By the time you've got just a flavour of this great researcher, you'll be skipping work for the day to find out what else this chap has to say in the fuller interview!!



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