Sunday, 25 March 2012

#CONSCIOUSNESS Past-Lives Therapy #Newton

In consequence of our publishing the truth about the exopolitical reality denied to most (by the usual culprits; the fake media -aka MSM) but easily discoverable (until they start the serious censorship coming any time soon) at the moment, we have had some very interesting contact with a very interesting gentlemen in Norway.  In consequence of that discussion, we've decided to go with publishing their recommendation on a subject quite apart from those previously covered on this blog with regularity, and one which for us, being quite logic orientated, is a step into the far-side, for us even if not you.  We have also included a link below this video, to a most interesting summary of events in a certain location in Norway.  We hope you choose to give that link and click, and download the summary; awakening stuff - all the best photographic evidence from Norway's UFO hotspot no less, compiled lovingly by to disclosure heros!

Further reading: If you liked the above video, and documentation available from the above link, you may wish to connect to the individual that sent these links our way; Adam Donaldson Powell ‏ @AdamfromNorway  

You can find out more about this type of therapy, and find a therapist, at this URL:


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