Saturday, 10 March 2012


"WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is for the first time citing Vatican City as a potential hub for money laundering.

The State Department's annual International Narcotics Control Strategy Report released Wednesday identifies the Holy See as one of 68 countries or jurisdictions "of concern" for money laundering or other financial crimes. Officials said the Vatican is on the list because it isn't clear whether a year-old anti-money laundering regime is effective...
. (continues)"

Our comment.  A number of years ago now when in private one to one with a senior corporate lawyer based in the City of London and stating that it was obvious to anyone of intelligence that Hamid Karzia's brother was the CIA's main drug runner in Afghanistan and that the Vatican was the world's largest money launderer.  Hint, using it's CITYSTATUS, to hide it's defarious activites from scrutiny.  I got told I was crazy ... yet less than 12 hours later the front page of the New York Times carried (the soon censored) headlining story that such a relationship existed.  It's a year or two later (perhaps even 3-4!), but finally, there is some recognition about where the true problems of coordinated child sexual abuse, and money laundering really lay.  Ladies and gentlemen, we give you prime suspects, now openly admitted:  the Pedo Pope and his minions in the City of Kiddie Killing.

Believe us when we say we'll be continuing coverage of this story, to be sure! ;)   It's time folks, for justice for those that have kept us emprisoned for over 400 years in fiat slavery.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's time to jail the Pope!  If you have any intel on Vatican money-laundering, do feel free to leak it Wikileaks way! ;) 

It's time folks, that the good honest people of the planet had an inquisition into the Catholic Church, the Pope, all his top minions, and all good Christians worldwide we know will support getting to the bottom of whether the world's most powerful churches, is actually now one huge crime syndicate for the mafia, and via it, for organised crime worldwide.

It's time folks - Let's roll! ;)

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