Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Ed's note: :) .... Posted as request via comment on bottom of the previous page. {Wanders off wondering if the previous pages commentary about covering an insane world and wondering if it could possibly get any SANER ... then ... we hit ... (if you've read TREASON above), this:}


Greetings citizens of the United States of America. You are Anonymous.

The time has come again for America to vote who will lead the country for the next 4 years. For the 1% the choice is clear. Either candidate will do as they already own the office that candidate will take lock, stock, and barrel. For others who still have not awaken to the occupy movement, the choice is less clear as they still believe whatever the candidates and mainstream media tell them.

For those of us who have joined the 99% we have no political choice. We know that no matter the candidate, Wall Street greed ultimately prevails in Washington and both our votes and our voices are ignored term after term. Our elected officials are no longer on the payroll of the tax payer; they are on the payroll of corporate conglomerates.

This voting season we encourage every American citizen of age to register and vote. That is your right as an American citizen. However, do not vote blindly on any ballot. If you feel a particular candidate is worthy of the office they seek, by all means vote for them. If you are not given the option of a worthy candidate, no matter the office, we ask that you do not simply vote for the lesser of two evils.

Instead, we ask that you join with us and use your option to write-in "Anonymous" as the candidate. A vote for Anonymous is a vote for the citizens. By returning our votes to the citizens we are telling the political structure that business as usual is no longer acceptable, and until viable candidates come forward who have the best interest of the people in practice we will continue to return our votes to the people.

Until the influence of corporate greed has been removed from our Democracy, no unworthy candidate shall achieve office level by vote of the people. Until corporate personhood is revoked and responsible parties held accountable for the economic damage they have caused, not one vote will we allow them.

Our government seeks to silence us through bills such as the NDAA which makes every American citizen susceptible to indefinite military detention without charge or trial, completely rendering the Constitution null and void and states our homeland as a battlefield.

They seek to silence us through bills such as SOPA and PIPA which would allow corporations to censor the Internet by blocking websites only suspected of copyright infringement, forcing the website and content owners to fight long and expensive legal battles which in the end drains them of all available resources shutting them down regardless of verdict. Guilty until proven innocent will become the normal process.

The time to be heard is upon us. The time to stand has come. The time to restore Democracy, untarnished by greed, is now.

#OpTheVote Engaged. Vote for Anonymous. We the People Are the Only Clear Choice

We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forget. We Do Not Forgive. Expect Us.

Join us on IRC in #OpTheVote (irc.anonops.pro)"

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