Thursday, 23 February 2012


Having got tangled up in a spat with an Al Jazeera reporter Alan Fischer about this very issue some month or two ago, here we go now ... Proof of our suggestions made to that reporter, that the only REAL story in this whole 2012 election, is and would be VOTER FRAUD.  We hope the blog readers that commented on that previous post (uniformly critical of our position) are learning (faster) that they're going to get more truth off this blog that via any MSM network, and especially not from a network owned by Royalty. ;)  If not, well, stick around, it's going to be a long, long, long, long LONG list of frauds we're going to be covering!  Meantime, we did just check and note that Alan Fischer's report on the Underwear Bomber, was complete fabrication (either that or he's just plain IGNORANT of the facts).  Alan if you ever read this, look up Kurt Haskell, and do some REAL REPORTING, PLEASE!

For those commentators to the previous post ...  do understand folks we've just (all rather kindly) sent Alan Fischer a link to the 15 TRILLION dollar FED/JP Morgan MONEY LAUNDERING SCAM ... You can judge for yourself if he's a man of integrity and covers this FED INTEREST FREE LOAN OF 15 TRILLION THAT HAS DISAPPEARED in Europe ...  You know, and amount almost EQUAL TO THE ENTIRE DEBT OF THE USA right now!  Or not.  We suspect not of course, but we do like to give people a chance to redeem themselves, and so we shall all see shall we not, together, blog readers.  Exciting truth times!

As we couldn't but help make a two minute check, here is how Fox News (of all networks) managed to cover the underwear bomber:

And for the sake of completeness, here's the report made by Alan Fischer:


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