Monday, 20 February 2012

#USA World Needs #RonPaul2012 #TRUTHVIDEO

This is one of the first videos we've come across that outlines some of the real CENSORED views out there about the ONE subject NO ONE WISHES TO TALK ABOUT in America; 911, and who brought down a building containing CIA, FBI, NYC disaster management center + (don't miss this! ;)) ... ALL OF THE RECORDS OF THE ENRON AND WORLDCOM-MCI CORPORATE FRAUDS ...  You know, the Bush Family's 'Kenny Boy' Kenneth Lay's MASSIVE MULTI-BILLION POUND FRAUD that would have put away MOST of the 1% in America (and possibly abroad too!).  Now you did know a 47 story building, NEVER HIT BY A PLANE, went to dust LATE on 11th September 2001 now didn't you?  (continued below)

This blog fearlessly covers the truth, where ever it may lead ... And so we don't disappoint, and so YOU do get a chance to MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND ON THE EVIDENCE, we'll shortly be publishing on this blog the 5 hour on oath TESTIMONY of Sibel Edmonds; until recently, the MOST GAGGED WOMAN IN USA LEGAL HISTORY.  You'll soon hear why. ;)


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