Sunday, 25 March 2012

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We don't have time to explain the significance of the Freeman movement, but we support the attempt of people worldwide to take back their legal systems from the banksters' corporations using the only non-violent method available; re-education via NEW jurisprudence!  WE WILL CONTINUE COVERAGE of this growing phenomena, which is SCARING the British (and Canadian) legal CORPORATE system(s).  Because you know, the law needs to be respected to be capable of fulfilling it's function(s) in society... And as many Brits are now working out, they are indeed slaves of the Crown, as we pointed out are most persons, worldwide in FISCAL HISTORY 101:  Who Enslaves Us and How - our fifth ever post!   

It seems someone else, somewhere else (a large, out of control, colony of the British Crown: the 'Corporation of the United States?) has finally caught on so this website now moves on to try connect those emerging jurisprudential thought systems into an international understanding of comparative law on the freeman thought system & thus hopefully empower civil law countries to participate!

It's time ladies and gentlemen, no matter how strange this stuff may come across to some (especially trained lawyers (fully indoctrinated during law school and subsequent practise to follow the interpretation of the law - as given to them by the elites to impose)), to start to understand if law thought be the method of the elites control over the free peoples of the world, then we MUST develop new legal theories for our new age:  the digital age.  We start this discussion now!  Note; start from a basis that you know the law much better than your average legal practitioner or judge (because it's internally discoverable by you; how to do justice in each case; not something other than justice, which is where many feel law is now (if it is present at all).  What is the law going to be looking like, what is/was it really all along?  

Time, to reinterpret much to do with legal systems generally, as obviously they have totally failed to protect the 99%!  Lawyers worldwide stand charged with this crime; of allowing the law to be subverted. Evidence of this is the recent admission by the UK Government and some of the highest Counsel in the land; the latter stating the system of secret trails is unconscionable and the former saying 'but we couldn't have done it without you'.  This problem now exists almost everywhere.  It's a mess folks.  So we start a series; we cannot say what is right or wrong here; because this is a newly developing area of thought; ideas are being talked about in the lands of Ireland, England (as below) and now we see the USA too (links below).  Time ladies and gentlemen, to get up to speed on a regular basis with one of the ways we're likely going to have to use in some form to reinterpret in the best traditions of the law, the very basis of our understanding of the law.  The States have and are always (in secret as with see with ACTA, etc) developing their 'law' and 'treaties'; a fightback is commencing; be part of it!


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