Wednesday, 29 February 2012


In trying to create a holistic blog that empowers regular readers with holistically threaded relevant timely information at ALL levels - i.e. inclduing the spiritual as well as financial, occupy, hiddeen, and even occult nature of some of the power structures around us, we thought with this impossible task of ascension through the myriad means and methods - how could we inject a large amount of sense into the most number of people worldwide now we're almost at our installers and want 1,000,000 subscribers NOW to this list ... and with our GEOBANKSTER BRIEFINGS (see right hand side!) now taking 1,000's of hits as the world's consciousness rises to the challenge of understanding hidden financial histories of peoples families institutions and governments ... we need a bit of CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING (me too!) to rise to this immense fear-barrier created ... and push through ...  WHO COULD DO ALL THAT?  We thought?!!  And that's when a man that first came into our lives a long time ago came back to mind ....  As those who understand these things understand, of course, it's got to be the first video I immediately found ... ;)  WE LOVE DR WAYNE DYER! :)

THE SHIFT - Dr Wayne Dyer


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