Wednesday, 28 December 2011


The founder of CENSOREDNEWSNOW.COM has formally challenged Alan Fisher to debate Ron Paul's alleged racism and we'll be the first to let you know if he accepts! ;) 

This post is made with whole-hearted thanks to the Treasurer of the UK Pirate Party (twitter account @Gavin_PPUK - please follow this truth-seeking truth teller) for sending it our way having seen our sister website's twitter account entangled in a spat with @AlanFisher - Royal Dictatorship paid (1) Al Jazeera 'Senior Reporter' who was busy telling all:

Point one for regular readers; Alan Fisher COMPLETELY DIS-INFORMS his followers THRICE in just these 140 characters (wow that really takes some disinfo skills indeed!):

1)  The questions "... that need to be answered..." (note that is a PERSONAL OPINION) have been answered, time and time again (see next);

2) We never suggested AT ALL that these questions have not been answered before - he has COMPLETELY REVERSED the statement AND argument we were making (that they have been answered many, many MANY times before - including on this, our very own website, DAYS AGO ... (Ed: Hey, maybe Alan should start trafficking this website LOL!!));

3) He ascribes HIS OWN VIEWS (which he denies he ever even has LOL) to us in his last three words "as you say" ... because we never said any such thing, and never will (these DECADES old racist newsletter statements (tip & hint: which were NOT WRITTEN NOR AUTHORISED NOR APPROVED NOR EVEN KNOWN ABOUT BY RON PAUL ;)) are the ONLY thing the MSM can even TRY stick on Ron Paul, hence this is the only thing you will be hearing about from the BANKSTER owned networks (and of course the Absolute Monarchy owned AJ and the Absolute Monarchy paid Alan Fisher it would seem) from now until election day. ;)

It seems Al Jazeera's research department, and Mr Alan Fisher, are either stupid, blind or massively in need of switching off the MSM disinfo they are creating (and obviously believing in too!! LOL) and tuning in instead to Operation #OTB news coverage! ;)

For the whole, FULLY EXPURGATED CNN BROADCAST edited to make it look like Ron Paul walked out on this interview the moment it started you can see our earlier post ... and as a lesson to @AlanFisher (who obviously sorely needs it) here is the full UNEXPURGATED interview with freedom hero Ron Paul; the only anti-bankster candidate running for President of the USA whom politically read journalists understand is a LIBERTARIAN ...  i.e. someone who believes the State NEVER has the right to trash ANY individuals rights.  Unlike of course, the people from whom Alan Fisher takes his pay, who have been busy funding massacres in Libya, along with repressing their own peoples, longtime. ;)

Oh, and if you want to know what 'racist Ron Paul' would do with all those BLACK AMERICANS in jail for smoking a spliff - you really need to check out this RACIST position! LOL

(1) "Qatar has been ruled as an absolute monarchy by the Al Thani family since the mid-19th century. " source:

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  1. I notice that you have chosen to start the twitter exchange in the middle rather than at the very beginning. ironic you are guilty of taking things out of context - the exaxt thing you accuse the main stream media of doing.

    Alan Fisher

  2. I have read the full exhange of tweets and find you guilty of reductio ad absurdum. This is an unfair attack on an honest, fair and hardworking journalist. You have sought to mis-represent what he said to further your agenda and you should be ashamed. I too am a Ron Paul supporter and expected better from you.


  3. This is completely unfair. You have misread the original tweet, the journalist in question has tried to engage in a friendly debate but you have misread and misinterpreted his remarks and used them here out of context.

    How can you honestly accuse the mainstream media of lying when you do the exact same thing yourself?

    The smacks of appalling double standards. Shame on you.


  4. Total misrepresentation of the facts of this conversation. This sort of thing damages your credibility and gives others the chance to attack. Pure garbage on your part.

  5. I am a Ron Paul supporter but I am concerned by these newsletters and think the Congressman has to address it properly. His answers until now have not been clear. I don't think you can simply say that something published in your name has nothing to do with you. In the circumstances I think it is right and proper the media highlight this issue. Only with the full facts can a democracy operate properly.

    Aisha Bucks (Virginia)

  6. Update on this; credit where credit is due. It seems Alan Fisher did at least include the FULL interview (rather than the highly disingenuously edited version actually broadcast) in his He did so without comment - from the info in from our source on this.

    For the record, we stand by our criticism of Alan Fisher for his disingenuous coverage - focusing on 'Ron Paul's racism' (by obvious implication of 'questions needs answering' {even when they have been many times before; which we believe he knows is the case OR SHOULD HAVE DONE as a 'Senior Reporter' with a major Network})... whilst actually trying to say OTHERS were thus focused.

    Also for the record, Alan Fisher has NOT at the time of posting accepted our invite to debate this issue.

  7. How can you extrapolate when a journalist says questions need answering that therefore he is focusing on 'Ron Paul's racism" (your quotation marks not Mr Fisher's? And if you look at answers given by the Congressman on the issue four years ago (which many people will not have seen) his answers are different and therefore inconsistent, which is very surprising from one of the most consistent performers in the Republican field. In a free society journalists are expected to ask questions, particularly those who seek power. Simply because you dislike the question, supporter the person being asked or think it has been answered does not entitle you to wage a ridiculous vendetta on a journalist who - as you admit - posted the full unedited interview with the congressman in his twitter daily.

    For the record, for a number of days after the original twitter exchange, other candidates, commentators and media were asking Mr Paul about the news letter, so Mr Fisher's intial observation that he will have questions to answer was absolutely correct. You have taken upon yourself to be outraged by implications only you have found.

    I have enjoyed your previous work but this time my friend, you are wrong and you should simply admit it.

  8. I would like to add that because a politican may have answered a question once - this does not and should not stop others asking the same question. It seems to me you support politicians being able to select the questions they receive from the press and ignore questions which are inconvenient. That is not a place where i wish to live never mind vote.

  9. Thanks for your further comments and opinions readers but the facts are that Mr Fisher is just as guilty as the rest of the MSM (though he wishes to portray himself as somehow 'above all that' by distancing himself from being the person asking the questions).

    It seems readers of this blog need to understand more what DISTRACTION POLITICS is all about.

    The REAL ISSUES in this election are corruption, NDAA, SOPA, fiat currency, central banksters, Wall Street GIGANTIC FRAUDS STEALING YOUR MONEY FROM RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACES etc, etc, etc; not newsletters NOT EVEN WRITTEN BY RON PAUL, published in the 1980's was it ...

    It's a real shame to see so many of you taken in by this BS focus on the OLD IRRELEVANT stuff answered MANY times before.

    I do understand there may be some inconsistency (not that I've seen it yet myself, but many seem to believe there is some - like many thought there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, you know ;)) with his answers given YEARS ago, to those questions now, but nevertheless ... YOU *ARE* BEING DISTRACTED FROM REAL ISSUES which are every other candidates' support for the erroneous war on drugs, war on Iraq, Iran, Libya, now Syria, etc, etc, etc; never mind the REAL underlying issue to all of this - FIAT CURRENCY, and the banksters control over the issuance of it.

    Play the game they want you to if you will (and it seems you will). Meantime Mr Alan Fisher and his sort do everything in their power to NOT ask REAL questions of the other candidates (or Mr Ron Paul); namely SUPPORT FOR MILITARY OPERATIONS AGAINST AMERICAN ON AMERICAN SOIL - NDAA.

    But you will learn, perhaps like the Jews did, only after the 'shower' is turned on, but learn you will. We will be proven right on this; meantime, the successful distraction away from asking ALL the candidates some REAL HARD questions, like support for NDAA (or perhaps you should check out JUDICIAL WATCH's list of CORRUPT POLITICIANS, .... and see a few name IN THIS ELECTION that are PROVEN CRIMINALS ;))...

    But no, you want Ron Paul endlessly to answer questions about something he never wrote ... more fool you. The rest of the world watches you fall for this BS with horror.

  10. PS - If someone can send me a link to a CLEAR video where this alleged SERIOUS inconsistency in his answers is actually shown from the horse's mouth (rather than some BS MSM BS) ... I'll publish it; please simply post the URL to that video via this comment field and it WILL get published here - along with you know, that black guy telling you Ron Paul was the only guy to give a shit about his wife dying in childbirth, turned up when no one else would, delivered a stillborn child, paid for the treatment out of his own pocket, etc, etc, etc. ;) Or don't you want BOTH sides of the Ron Paul Racist story? Send only the best link you can find; it's only going to get one page, because we're not falling for the trap, even if you are. But publish it, we promise, we will - if you want to play distraction politics ... If you REALLY do.

  11. You talk about distraction reporting - and yet you do it yourself. Rather than address the issues at hand - you switch to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - nothing to do with this 'debate' with the Al Jazeera journalist.

    Your resort to the pathetic tactic that if people here don't agree with your point of view, then somehow they are being fooled or we are less smarter than you.

    Having read the details of this - it is clear the journalist said the Mr Paul would have questions to answer. And he was right, given the newsletters were published in the Congressman's name.

    But your invocation of the holocaust to make a point in your petty feud is downright shameful.

    You demand video from 14, 10, 5 years ago to disprove your position, video which is unlikely to exist. But take a look at this. It is mainstream media but it is an excellent analysis, even though you will hate it.

  12. Why does anyone engage this hate filled troll?

    He was wrong. He'll never admit it. He's bluster and lie and obfuscate. He'll call you blind and stupid and accuse you of falling for lies but he is oh so smart that he can see what you cannot.

    Ignore him.

    Oh and btw, your boy Paul is a footnote in history after South Carolina.

    Josh Williams (Yeah - I put my name to anything I write which this troll doesn't.)

  13. Do your research. You attack Mr Fisher and 'his sort' but AJE was the only mainstream media I saw which highlighted the indefinite detention clause in the defense bill. And who was the reporter?


    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


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