Friday, 25 November 2011

#WW3 Why War With Iran? #Interview #DrPaulCraigRoberts

We thought to track down an older piece of footage where Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, co-founder of Reagonomics and an ex-deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal, lays out, in words of few syllables what all this Iran War Drum beating is all about, REALLY.  First  broadcast in summer 2010, listen up well folks; the bare, cold, hard truth of what this Iran war business, is really all about, from a man who knows exactly what he's talking about. ;)  Massively now censored in the USA, if you are young enough to not even know who Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is, or what his outstanding contributions to the world around you are, do feel free to check out this Wikipedia entry on Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.  

Get enlightened. ;~)

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