Wednesday, 23 November 2011

UK STUDENT RIOTS - Best Video Ever!

This excellent video summarises events in London during the three student demonstrations which have taken place over the bankster bailouts for the trillionaire Rothschild bankster family (bank owners who apparently would simply die if asked, never mind forced by market forces, to lose a single penny of their wealth due to THEIR OWN STUPIDITY AND CRIMINALITY) whilst single parent students get their £30.00 per week ABOLISHED.  

So many adults in the UK (and abroad) didn't get what was going on (thanks in large part to their acceptance of the MSM news as 'real') but now the banksters are coming, and getting the middle class wealth of the WHOLE OF EUROPE handed to them by their bankster scumbag Bilderberg spooks, spies, bomb-makers and ROYALTIES of Europe acting in cahoots, behind the scenes - IN FLAGRANT CRIMINAL BREACH OF CONSTITUTIONS ACROSS THE NATION STATES OF EUROPE - all knowingly undertaken with the connivance, and ATTENDANCE of the CIA, MI6, The Daily Telegraph and The Economist (who never write a word about this conspiracy as they are part of it) to name but just a few.  You simply know democracy in Europe is now a fiction, even if these students, Britain's brightest young individuals let us not forget, didn't teach you it the first time.  There's only two classes of people left in Britain:  those that get it, and those that need to, quick. ;~)

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