Tuesday, 22 November 2011

SPYING: UK Spying on TEENAGERS now!!

As of a few years ago one in 78 adults in the UK came under surveillance by the British Police State.  Now all the secret funds have been gobbled up, and the secret, black budget police black plane budget is out in the open, they're coming for your kids ...  You see when the military industrial complex runs out of profit centres even the 11 year olds become terrorist suspects in need of a fleet of highly expensive State employees to monitor them.  

Meantime the looters in chief of the Nation - Bilderberg attendees David Cameroon and his lick-spittle sidekick Rothschild bankster (not so ex ;)) George Osbourne face no investigations and their war crime committing predecessor stands trial for war crimes today in MALAYSIA; the British courts and legal system now having been completely taken over the banksters, and their willing cohorts in the legal profession of the once great Great Britain.  We wonder if any of the UK lawyers reading this (there are a number of QC's at least) even knew that Tony Blair and George Bush were on Trial for War Crimes as of 19th - we doubt it

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