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Re:  PKTP - Public Key Transaction Processor

Hello folks, 

I am Andrew.

I have been asked to talk about some software I have written and what it means.  

First I thought I'd discuss something that is often overlooked in any revolution. What comes next?  What happens if the banks fail, if they are not bailed out with your taxes, or if they burn and disappear. (If this bores you skip down to How It Works))[ADDURL]

First off, if you have your life savings and old age fund is sitting in those banks, you might want to consider how your going to survive as your cash goes up in smoke. Without debating the pros and cons of crashing the system, afterwards there are just a few possible situations.

Total freedom, no one using force on you, no stealing your pay packet to bail out someone else. Total oppression, a boot stomping on a human face forever. Your money not under your control. A government regulated system that always starts out looking nice and reasonable but ... 

Clearly the reality is that it will swing back and forth, robbing some to pay others, with everyone hoping that the blade will miss them each time it swooshes past.

I'm going to guess that the people on this list like the freedom option, so how can that work? Everyone can get a handle on barter and trade. Everyone wants to be able to trade and they want it to work as easy as paypal, just without the arbitrary seizing of funds, or the sinister devaluation of currency by bloated government spending.

The are a few tools around so that each and every person can trade without systemic theft built into the very underlying economic system.  

I will not mention all the history and the great pioneers, but here is what you should know.

Before fancy computer cryptography Hwala merchants could send gold and silver coins around the world to a destination as fast as a phone call, letter or smoke signal could manage, so what about now? was like an honest paypal using gold metal, they made money and customers loved it. Another site called 1MDC provided a voucher layer on top and also kept better privacy. E-gold got raided by the US government, I lost close to an ounce of gold. There are other gold vaults around, these are good so long as they are not raided by governments as an easy collection of funds.  

Bitcoin has no confiscatable shiny metal that can be stolen. It has grown to be very popular and some hold it out as the solution and saviour of a new economic model. While I wish bitcoin well, it is backed by its own market, thats ok in some ways, but not enough for me.

You should also look into Loom, Truledger and Open Transactions 

{editors note; you can now see OPEN-TRANSACTIONS IN LIVE DEMO VIA THE FIRST VIDEO OF THIS AMAZING FREE SOFTWARE IN OUR "SOLUTIONS" VIDEO SERIES - and we'll be bringing parts 2 and 3 of our Greek sub-titled versions + spanish later in the week, etc, etc, etc s;)), LOOM explanation coming up soon, others hopefully coming at you thick and fast too over the days and weeks ahead; before our next big day!! :) ... but back to Andrew..../ed! <g>]...

But now on to my bit of software. 

A long time ago (Oct 2000) I wanted to be able to have an IOU that I signed using a computer work as payment. I played with this and built a few things.

A couple of years ago I set up a usable system.

NEXT:  How it Works

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