Monday, 7 November 2011

SILVER: Manipulators Take 5 Min Break - Caught!

I guess too many traders at the manipulators desks required a toilet break at the same time; oops, for the second time in this last thirty days we've noticed the real price of silver just started to appear, just for a few moments; isn't it glorious; look at that vertical line!! If you haven't heard about or researched for yourself yet, the case for silver, may we urge you do to so, and to consider joining the millions of ordinary individuals world-wide that have joined the SLA - the Silver Liberation Army!  More details on this Bankster Bustin' phenomenon below!



We'll be covering this over the years ahead, or maybe perhaps just days ahead for go down JPM will; if the people's of the planet simply keep buying silver, and removing it from the market, there is an inevitable inevitability about the outcome of such activities.  

If you don't believe us, go dig up the COMEX reports and check out just how few ounces of silver there are available for delivery compared to the total market cap; they are more than 9 ounces short for every 10 ounces they have traded into existence has time we looked.  

What do you think is going to happen to the price of silver when the dollar end-game plays out, and 9 our of 10 'silver investors' finally realise they own nothing of the sort, and go try buy physical then! ;)  So know you know (if you didn't already), what you can personally do, at very low cost, to take the banksters out: Buy Silver; Crash JPM.  


We'll shortly be publishing a list of reliable precious metals suppliers on this website, so that the novice investor may enter the market with confidence; every ounce off the market, is another one JPM is going to have to find elsewhere; at a HIGHER PRICE! ;)  Join the SLA - today; no applications forms; just buy a piece of physical silver -  just one ounce - you're in! ;)

PS.  If you like this graphic, you'll simply love the silver and gold graphic - both charts right side by side - that we managed to capture last calendar month!


PPS.  If you really want to take out the banksters, check out the FIRST SOLUTION! ;)


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