Tuesday, 22 November 2011

RON PAUL: Message to Occupy Wall Street! ;)

Americans, free Americans, our message to you, is that you CAN get this done, constitutionally, but that means you simply got to get this man into the White House; this time around; no question.  You might not want to look after yourself if you've been dumbed down and jacked up by fascist America, but it's the only way freedom ever has and ever will exist; value cannot be and never will be able to be printed up, and Ron Paul has always understood that. ;)  

For those who have never come across this honest, courageous politician time to meet the only man that can give CONSTITUTIONAL government a chance again in America.  We honestly believe the only team that stands a chance of turning the enslavement of America around is Ron Paul with Jesse Ventura - we hope Jesse realises, as Ron Paul always has, that it'll always at the worst moment in your life when you need to dig the deepest, and find the dream again.

Refer your friends - that's how we grow! :)
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