Monday, 14 November 2011

POLAND: Occupy The Spying ;)

It's unclear to us at the moment if this video is correctly encoded with it's title or not (this may be scenes from a recent demonstration of a more nationalist rather than occupy flavour - if you can clarify please get in touch).  We do not really publish it here for what you can see in the footage, we publish it here as a SOLUTION to STASI STATE SPYING activities.  This cool dude doesn't let thousands of people, or what seems to be at least two lines of steel nor even seven story high buildings get in the way of his info war to bring the truth out to people inside and outside Poland as to what is really going on!  We think this is the most innovative use of technology for peoples' intelligence counter-offensive operations - if you know of a better one, do let us know! First use of civilian drones for civilian counter-intelligence operations!?!"  10/10 - Poland!!!

Drone Wars, Begin!

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