Tuesday, 22 November 2011

OWS: OUTRAGE Police Occupy Baby Death - Miracle

"We have a death in the #OWS family the baby's name would've been Miracle she was 3 months unborn.  On the 20th, Jeniffer Fox received news that she has miscarried, and alleges the miscarriage is due to the injuries she received during the police action on the 15th. "It hurts. It's upsetting. I was ready to have a kid, because my family was going to support me in taking care of the child. Her name was going to be Miracle.""  by  on 22 Nov 2011

If you're not sufficiently OUTRAGED by this DESPOTIC POLICE STATE, then maybe you need to see another OUTRAGE:  PERVERTED: Rape & Sodomy By TSA Agent (we wish we were joking) or our FINANCIAL FRAUDS COVERAGE: GOLD: MF GLOBAL - Latest Horrific Bankster Theft & Fraud on COMEX! No Perp Walks - MARSHALL LAW!

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