Tuesday, 22 November 2011


You're going to love this one folks.  The students may have used the wrong candidate to make the right point in front of, but as you can see, Ron Paul tells it like it is - straight - as usual, and turns this crowd of activists around to understanding he's the ONLY congressman with a 30 year history of taking on the only people in America that really need taking out entirely - the banksters!  Hip hip hooray for the students, for Ron Paul for as usual not interrupting them, talking over them, and getting them tasered (you know, like, err, a certain John FORBES Kerry did and has done in the past).  ROCK ON CAMPAIGN COVERAGE!  Tell everyone you know!!  And if you understand as Ron Paul does the historical problem; dishonest money, why not subscribe?  

You see if you like Ron Paul's honesty about the problems of money like you like Jesse Ventura's honesty about the USA legal system ... If you like Gold and Silver as honest money, you're simply going to love Operation #OTB - just check this out if nothing else! ;)

Refer your friends - that's how we grow! :)
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If you've never heard or met Ron Paul before bumping into Operation #OTB you might want to check out our very next post where we managed to dig up a bit of proof to back up the statements made above about the honesty and integrity AND ECONOMIC GOOD SENSE of this Austrian School economist - hint - the only school that describes economics as it is (rather than as humans would like it to be).  Check out our Mises coverage of BITCOIN. ;)

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