Friday, 4 November 2011


So many now understand the concept of a crypto-currency since the arrivial of bit-coin like so many before them 'got' file-sharing once bit-torrent came along: understood the concept of crowd bandwidth downloading as super-charging the efficiency of something, in this case of course, downloading large files; at the time of it's innovation - a real struggle for all!

The reason bit-torrent took off is because it used cryptography to ensure file-integrity, and thus one only really had to trust the original up-loader (whom one may never even receive a bit or byte from - directly - due to decentralisation) and none of the other computers in the swarm. The essentially random connections made also implied with it transnational jurisdictional jurisprudential safety for each individual; for all understand well the concept of the 'safety of the swarm'! People 'got it'; sure are night turns into day! People wanted it and ... and this bit is really, really important here ... they didn't wait around for Government anywhere to tell them it was OK to do it, they SEIZED THE TECHNOLOGY AND DISTRIBUTED IT GLOBALLY FAST ENOUGH IT COULD NOT BE 'RE-CALLED'.  

People seized the power (despite the risks involved), to work through other PEOPLE - not COMPANIES - to MUTUALLY get what they each individually wanted. People got their files regardless of the incapabilities (leaving reasons aside for a moment) of the 20th NOT 21st Century new model of doing things.


Once MINDS, MARKETS, a little bit of money and CRYPTOGRAPHY met the world changed in an instant!  Sounds like fun, doesn't it! ;)  Don't know about you, but that's ... The White Rabbit! 

Time for CHANGE! ;)


Well these days there's something else that's so far too large, excessively more bloated and costly to humanity, and costing us more and more each day of it's very inefficient, some would say, entirely fraudulent  existence: the banksters and their corrupt relationship with the war-mongering tyrants and tyrant States of the world!  Neither of these provide PUBLIC service to PRIVATE individuals - save the arrogant, egotistical BANKSTER CON-ARTISTS with their fraudulent 'fiat value' loans 'at interest', bleeding the peoples' of the nations of the earth sovereignty using this fraudulent credit creation (credit for them; the street for you let's not forget) into their one world government model of control!  Do understand folks, they want every asset on the planet not already owned by the banksters on their scamsters books where it can AND WILL be LOOTED AT WILL as they're doing worldwide right now!


Are we as a planet of human consciousness going to allow this to continue on it's course of inevitable total collapse until the whole collapse of civilised society under this one simple memetic scourge - that banksters are somehow needed this century?

We need PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS providing goods and services to PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS in a direct way again - without BOTH parties being FLEECED each time they inter-act by MULTIPLE BANKS (some or all owned by the same BANKSTERS if you do not know!).  We now exist in the ludicrous space where the 'trusted third party' is neither trusted nor third party to anything anymore - because no-one anywhere trusts banks as far as they can throw then anymore.   

People it's time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW WITH US!  Because the scamster banksters and the corrupt 1% CONTINUE TO AMASS EVERYTHING buying up government after government, maiming, shooting and mass murdering their way to their own egotistical Neo-Napoleonic, circle-jerk moment of moment of total global dominance of their vision for how everyone else on the planet shall live.  It's pathetic.  No?  And let's not forget we've already given them a 50 year head start on running this system 'up there', out in space; it's NOT an inopportune to ask this question; civilian flights - starting. ;)  


If great minds chose to pick up and run with this project, whatever the reasons for doing so; the #OTB meme trend is the peoples' friend, friend! ;)  It's not within TPTB power to take this meme away from us because it can live in our heads - away from their bullets, banks & bombs - if you spread this idea of turning our computers into our banks just as fast as wildfire, right now, today, tonight!!  The secret is in the code - #OTB  - it works transnationally no matter your language or culture, worldwide, right now, right across the 'Net.  

 Let's infect the Net today with this idea! Let's aim to shoot it right out from ciber-space into mass cipher space; ASAP!  5th!!  Bring millions to this website in the next 24 hours for our insights and information coming at you through website updates on our main posts, and MOST IMPORTANTLY CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT (instructions coming soon - see status!).   If you're new to all of this and don't even know what's going on - that's great because it's EXACTLY YOU WHO IS NEEDED THE MOST; THE 99%!  

Keep refreshing the language page of your culture and keep an eye out for insights, videos and instructions coming at you (hopefully - if people want to play on our first day!!) THE VIDEO & TWITTER LINK STREAMS WHICH NOW APPEAR IN THE TEACH IN AREA AT THE BOTTOM OF OUR EVERY PAGE!  If you translate English to any Language; PLEASE IMMEDIATELY TRANSLATE AND POST YOUR TRANSLATED VERSION OF THE ENGLISH THROUGH TO COMMENTS AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF EACH LANGUAGE PAGE; THIS WAY, IN ALMOST REAL TIME, THE WORLD PARTICIPATES!  More detailed (and certainly clearer) info coming in the next few hours - check STATUS!


They say history repeats itself - each time the same - but different!  This time our solution can simply be that whilst our computers are booted, we run software that allows you to skip out on the banksters, before they skip off with more of your cash!    IT CAN BE THAT SIMPLE.  Tomorrow; we make a start.  Whether you're a coding cryptographer, bit-coin businessman, PGP old hack or just plain darn interested like so many many BILLIONS of people were when bit-coin first came along, no matter.  For as the 'masters of the universe' banksters have plans for your future using their computers to pay and record ownership of everything AND STEAL MOST OF YOUR INTANGIBLE WEALTH BEFORE YOU EVEN REALISED IT WAS WORTH SOMETHING!  

We envisage a different life... with our computers, collectively running the worlds transactional safety and security; not with all IT eggs in one 'cloud' basket, with one or more companies becoming 'too big to fail'.  ;)  Ladies and Gentlemen; if we remove our support for the tyrant; the tyrant will topple under the weight of their own flesh; it survives only with your consent. Why not simply join us and very soon indeed - we'll live in a different world?


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UPDATE 4th December 2013:  We did it!  THANKS FOLKS!  Just two years, from this site first publishing, to FORBES MAGAZINE no less, covering OPEN-TRANSACTIONS!!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013