Wednesday, 16 November 2011

ENGLAND: Rule Breakers of The World Unite!

We need to unite across political, social, cultural and ethnic differences on a global basis to get rid of the banksters and the centuries of humanity's development their scourge has restricted; tax, theft, appropriation, the way has been the same throughout history (so far ;)) ... That much is obvious fact.  So onto a bit of motivation we came across from England it would seem.  Fact is, as well as being persecuted throughout history, we feel those that can perceive the world differently from those around them, not only provide the most useful insight and critique of current systems of government, finance, and indeed of thought itself, but also provide the best culture, art and plain old entertainment.  Here we have an attempt to hit you up with a literally mix of science and eastern philosophy; doing exactly what we like best; trying to make sense of things as they are around us.  Just because most of the 99% do not get it, that does not mean that those within the 99% and the 1% that do, will not find themselves meeting on tao (sic).  Subscribe free now!

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