Monday, 28 November 2011

METALS: Silver Vertical Breakout (Again!! )

Here we go again ...  More vertical lines on the silver chart, as the trading desks of the west, propped up and under government instruction to suppress the price with endless new printed money borrowed at near zero rates of interest, can no longer maintain the illusion that money is worth the same as it was yesterday.  JUST LOOK AT THAT PRICE ACTION Sunday 27th November 2011!! (red vertical line).  As all smart investors know, silver and gold, ARE money, so if you're new to metals, enjoy that insight, as you now understand what you are seeing is the VALUE OF FIAT CURRENCY disappearing down the toilet; your fiat currency, if you are an American, as designed, by the 1% SCUMBAG BANKSTERS busy raping the planet to add yet more trillions to their coffers, whilst the nations of the world start to rush to war (rather than turn the guns on the RIGHT people, the scumbag banksters in need of a helping hand to get along to where they're all heading; the gallows, or jail.

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