Sunday, 20 November 2011

METALS: CME Group Guarantees Fraudulent?

Simply must see expose of the latest bankster fraud.  In this case over USD$700,000,000 seems to have been looted of regular investors - metals investors - via the collapse of MG Global.  COMEX contracts (guaranteed by CME GROUP) are involved, but it seems like MF Global may have gone down with COMEX contracts - which CME GROUP should thus honour - yet it also now seems increasingly clear that the crooks at COMEX, ain't paying up under no guarantees; stuff you and me, the little guy, the loots stolen and 'disappeared' would you believe there is some suggestion into JPM's accounts (where it cannot be located!).  

I mean friends you cannot make this up, but our dear friend Gerald Celente could not even prevent himself from being burmed in this latest fraud.  Time to remove all your assets from the USA system completely, and from the global system, too ... and come create a new HONEST system of markets, assets, and currencies in our great experiment. :)

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