Friday, 11 November 2011

#LAW Ventura Press Conference UNEXPIRGATED ;)

This just has to be watched and in full, if you want to understand why the Banksters are going to get away with stealing everything you own, and everything you earn in the future and everything your kids will ever earn.  Simply put first of all you need let go of the delusion you may be under that the Blackshirts have not taken over one of the three constitutional pillars of Modern America; the JUDICIARY.  

We tracked down one man who really knows all about the Constitution of America; ex-USA Navy SEAL Team member, underwater demolitions expert and former Mayor and Governor, the redoubtable Mr Jesse Ventura: here fully awake for the first time!

For those outside America, get to know this man, for those inside America not already listening (good and proper) to Mr Ventura, we suggest you start!  Mr Ventura might not just be willing and totally able to sort out the bankster take-over of America, but he also might just be able to forestall the no doubt serious and numerous attempts on his life in the White House and outside of it, himself.  And we mean like, personally.  ;)  Just the sort of stuff America needs right now to get the banksters off the neck of the American economy AND Americans before the banksters come to bleed you and everyone around you, absolutely dry: a true American free-market (rather than corrupted market) hero for the White House who, like Ron Paul, by very long track record, will do nothing other than put the banksters where they belong; in a gas chamber; DEAD

If you think this is too political .... check out one of our first posts; from a LAWYER; it's a total SHOCKER; and we designated that attorney, our first LEGAL HERO! :) Click to watch!

Tell people you know about the Banksters' Memesis - that's how we grow!
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