Wednesday, 16 November 2011

BANKSTER BRIEFING 1: Tax Exempt Foundations #NormanDodd

Don't you dare not watch this one all the way through!!  It's a promise you can hold us to if you've not seen it before:  it's going to completelyblow your mind - totally transforming your understanding of not just US politics SINCE THE 1950's but also geo-finance - of how the Banksters have and always have controlled their minions, the bankers, including all the way up to controlling Congressional Investigations into their nefarious activities.  

Don't take it from us though, you simply must take it from this whistle-blower, speaking (gratefully to someone, wishing to die in peace) just a few months before his death:  Norman Dodd no less - LEAD BANKSTER INVESTIGATOR OF THE 1950's!!  Roll over Elliot Ness; Rock on NORMAN DODD - the full unexpurgated 1982 interview (recently released!)!

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