Monday, 14 November 2011

INFOWARS: GREECE 'A Crime Scene' - Greg Palast

Dispelling what the dunderheads still confined in the problem mentality (false left-right paradigm thinking) consider to be the reality of the lazy Greek.  Perhaps for the first time laying out to the mind-controlled masses living in the MSM induced intellectual torpor that problems of Greek debts were not created by any said lazy Greeks but by nothing other than the scumbag corrupt banksters and the scumbag politicians they bought, own and control still to this day!  One of the foremost forensic investigators turned top investigative sleuth reporter old-school style (one of the few that have survived the clear-out of investigative journalism from MSM worldwide); Greg Palast in Interview - a must see for Americans, Brits and Greeks!  Your daily OTB truth treat!

Time to wake the fuck up, stop blaming 'Lazy Greeks' for Greece's woes and lay blame where it intellectually honestly falls; scumbag banksters.  Take our FISCAL HISTORY 101:  Who Enslaves Us & How, if you doubt it! ;)  

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