Monday, 21 November 2011


As you can see for yourself in the graphic below, simply put, you're not going to be alone when you join the one million heroes wanted for this massive real-world global experiment in turning our home computers into our new financial system!   Sounds cool as f**K right?  That is because it is!  And you and just about everyone else on the planet that comes by knows it's too!  We know that, too!! :)  Common peoples of the internet UNITE HERE! ;)

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Power to the people's PC's, Mac's, Unix boxes, mobile, palmtops, desktops, servers, and smartphone (not the bankster controlled mainframes/clouds) for with the tutorials increasingly published on this website and the help given to our subscribers - currently free - then the only question you've gotta be asking yourself is whether you get subbed up right now and be the coolest cat in town by telling all your friends about it...

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Or are you going to look the idiot next time you're out, the last one in town to get with the only SERIOUS project on the planet that has a real chance to change the world in an INSTANT - to those that really want SOLUTIONS to historic problems, and don't just want to childishly complain forever more and not get focused on SOLUTIONS TODAY. ;)

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It's Time - Let's Roll! ;)  

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