Wednesday, 23 November 2011

HACKTIVISM: Gary McKinnon - Latest Interview

Folks, if you think the government lies to you, you know nothing at all about the depths of those lies.  Just a week or so after the While House publicly declare the USG has no evidence for the existence of extra-terrestrial life, we don't just bring to you the full latest interview with Gary McKinnon where he finally starts to talk about what he saw ...  we also bring you proof OBAMA is LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH, by publishing the full link to the NSA's own public repository of FOIA released documents, and specifically the document that shows that the USG is in CONTACT with INTELLIGENT extra-terrestrial life, RIGHT NOW! (cont. below)

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Here it is:  (particuarly fascinating for cryptographers to study the key and scientists to understand the message!!).  

So now we've got the lying scumbag banksters' minion's lies out of the way perhaps you're left thinking ... but if only *I* could see those craft ... Check back in a few minutes folks, 'cos we're just about to publish simply the most phenomenal VIDEO you're ever likely to see. ;)  Click here to watch that video now!

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