Tuesday, 29 November 2011


The paper gold fraud (real gold robbery) continues .....  We're really glad Gerald finally get's it:  like the Irishman, like Orkney Isles chap, like our English cabbie - The Taxi Cab Artist and, like ... finally ...the man who has been warning of this all along (so you know it's now impossible for anyone to really trust any of these people ever again).

" ... because it's a 'corrected' statement ... all those other one's I've been getting ... they were uncorrected statements - they were only for jerks and morons ... it's the communist party party but no, no, no, we've got to give it it's right name ... fascist, the merger of state and corporate powers .... they stole my money and 30,000 other people's money ... Those statements I was getting ... that was my imagination ... here's the corrected statement ... "

"Get this straight everybody, they are going to rob you like they robbed me, like they rob your house, like they are robbing pension programmes and benefits ... they are cleaning you out and the game is rigged ...".  Gerald Celente - truthteller and now also a person like the founder of this website, that knows what it's like to get 'corrected statements' (ours in 2004).

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