Wednesday, 23 November 2011

CANADA: Occupy Nova Scotia - Police Abuse Caught!

As we horrifically suspected, if you free this video at the appropriate moment, you will clearly see the Pretend Police in this video (aka banksters' minions) DRAGGING BY HANDCUFFED HANDS a guy who has his HANDS BEHIND HIS BACK.   Since when did medieval hanging by the arms come back in fashion in 21st Century Canada?  Since the bankster take-over of Canada, that's when!  What, you didn't know the banksters took Canada a while ago?!!  Check back all this week; we have documentaries coming your way which whether you are Canadian or not, you've simply just gotta see - otherwise you simply won't believe the MIND-BLOWING key facts, admissions, and key intel you need to know to avoid being dragged off by Canadian BLACKSHIRTS, like this poor guy! ;)  Background essential viewing to put those coming documentaries in essential context here and here.

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