Tuesday, 22 November 2011


You always know when an illegitimate regime is on it's last legs; it goes for the truth tellers that gain credence for having been telling the truth (at least as they see it) for years as the regime became ever more illegitimate.  Before it's banned, BEFORE this brouhaha broke, we of course published the FULL UNEXPIRGATED, UNCENSORED, FULL LENGTH OBAMA DECEPTION VIDEO HERE - back on the 8th Novemeber 2011. ;)  You see, we like to keep our website visitors better informed than any other people on the planet in the Global InsUrrection Against Bankster Infestation, like with this post here - Occupy The Spying.  We show you (without interpretation often), the raw footage that allows you to see through the bullshit and misinformation designed to keep you unaware of the historical problem and solutions.  We keep informed people who want to be better informed MUCH better informed than other websites, as you can see from our statistics after just one month of operations. ;)  

You can see from our most popular post that we like to cover the underbelly of the beast of the internet, the open-source angles, ideas, and solutions; especially the hacktivist solutions to a new financial system using new financial softwares! ;)

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