Wednesday, 26 October 2011

PLAIN TRUTH SIGHTED: Real Value of Real Money! #Gold #Silver

So here it is folks - the truth being revealed right before our very eyes ... the truth that GOLD and SILVER are HONEST money, and FIAT whether USD, GBP, CHF - no matter - is simply dust!


If people issue their own digital receipts for their own REAL GOLD AND SILVER ... Why banks would be LOCAL again ... in each person's home - again - but this time with the ability to transact in real gold and silver (money) transnationally - even inter-parties anonymously via the Internet. ;)  If any of that sounds any good, you'd simply DIE watching the first SOLUTION!  If you're still stuck on what the problem actually is, you need one of our first ever posts:  Root Cause of Our Problems Explained. But if you're feeling in a hurry, and harried; talk a look at the Irish summary or City-Boy explanation contributed by an Englishman in our first highly serious but highly also hilarious video contribution from our cool site man - The Taxi Artist - in England Get's It.  

Visitors in the know (or wanting to be), about digitizing assets into cipherspace, and distributing them all around the globe: subscribe to our free newsletter now! What you also REALLY NEED TO DO RIGHT NOW; is GRAB A FREE OFFSHORE PRECIOUS METALS ACCOUNT IN THE BRITISH CHANNEL ISLANDS (*outside* of the EU, but INSIDE NATO). ;) Safe not as houses (HAH!) ... but much, much, MUCH more safe, though still a BRICK investment (oh forgive us, for The White Rabbit, could not resist!)!

Want an update on the price or real: