Monday, 17 October 2011

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :)

We cut to the chase, no bullshit required or demanded!


In furtherance of this objective we started a number of operations, where others feared to shoot for the RITE targets ... we set up OPERATION ROTHSCHILD:


We also set up: OPERATION ROCKEFELLER, to help out our ENSLAVED American friends.


As the EVIDENTIAL lynch-pin (emphasis on the LYNCH) of both of those operations, we also lead with our very first operation OPERATION BLACKHEATH: evidencing a 15 TRILLION USD fraud on the US public (and world) by what has become known as The Cabal. Don't be shy:

Way, way way before PEDOGATE hit the news, we set up OPERATION CLEANSWEEP; to takedown the SATANIC / LUCIFERIAN CULT that controls humanity:

And so, you either get it, or you do not.

We have an out of control VAST GLOBAL COVERT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY embedded in the DEEP STATE in just about every country worldwide, just as Kennedy died to warn us; it's a CONSPIRACY TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY!

No doubts about it left, and my, having personally been tortured for six straight days by it, in the most RUTHLESSLY RUTHLESS, MERCILESS way (3rd-9th May 2014), I can tell you, you'd better get up to speed on it, before it finishes it's job, of MURDERING YOU!

Targeted Individuals - Technology

Join the FIGHT, before they FULLY TAKE CONTROL of YOUR mind, too.

Targeted Individuals - Campaigners

As the NAZI SATANIC LUCIFERIAN CULT did on 911 ... with it's RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE of 3000 human souls in furtherance of it's global domination plans; aka the NEW WORLD ORDER (run by SECRET SOCIETIES, just as KENNEDY warned :)).

Quantum Correction 911

Illuminati Crypto-Numerology - 3

Illuminati Crypto-Numerology - 7

Illuminati Crypto-Numerology - 9

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