Monday, 21 November 2016


And so, though I put on one of the first ever disclosures about this subject, due to the concerns of those who posted the video (see words under this vid:  ), I have not further covered 'Blue Sphere Beings' or the so called (if I get this right) ... the 'Blue Sphere Alliance'.

Was I wrong not to?  Take a peek at this:

Huge object is captured on NASA'S SECCHI STEREO HI1 satellite today

"Pamela Johnson find this huge object is captured on NASA'S SECCHI STEREO HI1 satellite today. Our Sun is casting the Light that is coming in from the left side of the frame. This satellite's archives showed the Sun began reacting to this object on November 15th and there are several frames missing on the 15th and 16th
Take a look at the images at Pamela facebook page:

Read here:

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Certainly, I'm having to revise the view there's 'no evidence' ...

Deep, deep, down the hole! :)


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