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#ASCENSION Sultan Fateh Ali Tippu - Heros Of India #COURAGE

Sultan Fateh Ali Tippu - Heros Of India by Rajshri Source:

These animated stories showcase Ancient Heros of India and their tales of wisdom, honour and courage. So sit back and relish these profound tales of our heros. 

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Meantime in the land of crazies:

"A horizon event is developing for this coming week. The details upon inquiry are as follows.

There has been a great deal of spikes in this as a great deal of energy is being ramped up and set loose in the matrix apparently for the past few weeks are surges and counter surges are being initiated.

What has taken place is a Saudi Arabian oil tanker bound for the Americas, was loaded with a shadow cargo which was off loaded upon a dope trawler of Panamanian origin. 
This ship is under CIA shadow ops control and is manned as such.

It is thought to be in the Gulf of Mexico.

The operational group behind this is the same assembly who provided the components for 9 11 out of Saudi Arabia for the Berlin boys.

The cargo was 3 SS N 22, or Sunburn variation hypersonic missiles as has been noted here. Origin was a "gift" from the People's Republic of China and these missiles were in Saudi control."
Is anything real anmore exxcept the BOMBS!

"Saturday, September 14, 2013

NSA disguised itself as Google to spy, say reports

CGI's Lymerick: NSA disguised itself as Google to spy, say reports
Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 14-Sep-2013 12:46:21
by Edward Moyer
September 12, 2013 2:19 PM PDT 

If a recently leaked document is any indication, the US National Security Agency -- or its UK counterpart -- appears to have put on a Google suit to gather intelligence. 
Here's one of the latest tidbits on the NSA surveillance scandal (which seems to be generating nearly as many blog items as there are phone numbers in the spy agency's data banks). 
Earlier this week, Techdirt picked up on a passing mention in a Brazilian news story and a Slate article to point out that the US National Security Agency had apparently impersonated Google on at least one occasion to gather data on people. (Mother Jones subsequently pointed out Techdirt's point-out.) 
Brazilian site Fantastico obtained and published a document leaked by Edward Snowden, which diagrams how a "man in the middle attack" involving Google was apparently carried out. 
A technique commonly used by hackers, a MITM attack involves using a fake security certificate to pose as a legitimate Web service, bypass browser security settings, and then intercept data that an unsuspecting person is sending to that service. Hackers could, for example, pose as a banking Web site and steal passwords. 
The article by Brazil's Fantastico mentions a hitherto unknown GCHQ spy program called "Flying Pig." This prompted a Twitter quip from Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney Kurt Opsahl: "PRISM, Flying Pig. Someone in the surveillance state has a thing for Pink Floyd album covers." 
(Credit: Pig:; prism: Harvest, Capitol.) "

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Was Wall Street in on 9/11?

Subject: Was Wall Street in on 9/11?

An awfully large number of top financial CEOs
were not in their World Trade Center offices 9/11

Would you be surprised to learn that some of
the very same same people who were at the center
of the massive frauds that have tanked the US

Would also be key persons of interest in a true 9/11

And that when studied comprehensively the two operations
give the appearance of being interlinked?

Mind boggling research put together beautifully
and all backed up by public access documentation.


- Brasscheck

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videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks."

Top comment to the above!! <G>


The White Rabbit!  

Operations PRONTO U Human!

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