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Please note our CRIMINAL HARRASSMENT is stopping us accesing email (to reply to any twitter request for information ); we are also ATM unable to watch youtube videos; fortunately, we know exactly which ones to be publishing anyway.  Enjoy, THE REAL REALITY, REALLY REVEALED!

Regular readers of ... The White Rabbit! ... Especially on Twitter @censorednewsnow ALREADY know the credible reports out of Kremlin that BANDAR BUSH (911 terrorist) tried to BLACKMAIL PUTIN with implied threats of TERRORISM in Russia against the RUSSIAN GAMES); but even we were unaware of this next vid do note, we believe broadcast by PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCAST 

Underneath this, the FIRST CREDIBLE BACKUP to the story which may well have led to our URL being blacklisted on Twitter (which latter, has Saudi Investors); CONFIRMATION THE REPORTS THAT THE US UNDERTOOK THE CHEMICAL WEAPONS ATTACK IN SYRIA; then a backgrounder, from Wikipedia, for those unaware of the UNDERLYING CAUSE of much of this strife, the CRIMINAL MAFIA FEDERAL RESERVE (which is neither Federal nor holds reserves (nor of course, GERMAN GOLD <gg>) ... 

"FRI AUG 30, 2013 AT 10:03 PM PDT

We Now Have a Credible Report that the Rebels Gassed Ghouta, not Assad's Forces


The source is Mint Press, about which I know very little, but one of the two authors is Dale Gavlak, who I have heard relatively frequently on public radio, and I have seen her byline frequently on AP stories.

Here is the first few 'graphs:"

(we obtained and published the full article from GOOGLE CACHE ... the only place it was available to us in the UK, to ensure this article got the MASSIVE attention it DESERVES from EVERY LAST POLITICIAN ON PLANET EARTH, and every last HUMAN BEing ...

The article continues with the following statement, note carefully, OUR EMPHASIS IN RED:

"Note that there is a disclaimer, "Some information in this article could not be independently verified. Mint Press News will continue to provide further information and updates."

The point here is that at this point, we have no information to who is responsible for dosing a very large number of people with an acetylcholinesterase antagonist (probably an organophosphate), and it's a bit early to be playing cruise missile ping pong."


Friday, 19 April 2013



Dare you?


"Petrodollar warfare

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The phrase petrodollar warfare refers to a hypothesis that one of the driving forces of United States foreign policy has been the status of the United States dollar as the world's dominant reserve currency and as the currency in which oil is priced. The term was coined by William R. Clark, who has written a book with the same title. The phrase oil currency war is sometimes used with the same meaning.

The hypothesis[edit source]

Most oil sales throughout the world are denominated in United States dollars (USD).[1] According to proponents of the petrodollar warfare hypothesis, because most countries rely on oil imports, they are forced to maintain large stockpiles of dollars in order to continue imports. This creates a consistent demand for USDs and puts upward pressure on the USD's value, regardless of economic conditions in the United States. This in turn allegedly allows the US government to gain revenues through seignorage and by issuingbonds at lower interest rates than they otherwise would be able to. As a result the U.S. government can run higher budget deficits at a more sustainable level than can most other countries. A stronger USD also means that goods imported into the United States are relatively cheap, although any country benefitting from this position could also be seriously damaged if their currency were to appreciate significantly against other world currencies, particularly in exports which would become relatively more expensive for the rest of the world.
Another component of the hypothesis is that the price of oil is more stable in the U.S. than anywhere else since importers do not need to worry about exchange rate fluctuations. Since the U.S. imports a great deal of oil, its markets are heavily reliant on oil and its derivative products (jet fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline, etc.) for their energy needs. As the price of oil can be an important political factor, U.S. administrations are quite sensitive to the price of oil.
Political enemies of the United States therefore have some interest in seeing oil denominated in euros or other currencies. The EU could also theoretically accrue the same benefits if the euro replaced the dollar.

History[edit source]

The petrodollar system originated in the early 1970s in the wake of the Bretton Woods collapse. President Richard Nixon and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, feared that the abandonment of the international gold standard under the Bretton Woods arrangement would cause a decline in the relative global demand of the U.S. dollar. In a series of meetings, the United States — represented by then U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger — and the Saudi royal family made an agreement. The United States would offer military protection for Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, and in return the Saudi's would price their oil sales in United States dollars only (in other words, the Saudis were to refuse all other currencies, except the U.S. dollar, as payment for their oil exports).
By 1975, all of the oil-producing nations of OPEC had agreed to price their oil in dollars and to hold their surplus oil proceeds in U.S. government debt securities in exchange for similar generous offers by the U.S. [2]

Political events[edit source]

In 2000, Iraq converted all its oil transactions under the Oil for Food program to euros.[3] When the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, it returned oil sales from the euro to the USD.[4]
The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran takes this theory as fact. As retaliation to this policy seen as neoimperialism,[5] Iran has made an effort to create its own Iranian Oil Bourse which started selling oil in gold, euros, dollars, and Japanese yen.[6] In mid-2006 Venezuela indicated support of Iran's decision to offer global oil trade in the euro currency.[7]

See also[edit source]


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