Monday, 2 September 2013


At a crucial time like RIGHT NOW, it's a timely time, for a timely reminder, about the REAL REALITY.

"Syria is Completely Contrary to Media Depictions."

The known journalist Lizzie Phelan said in an interview, that she was totally surprised upon her arrival in the Syrian capital Damascus that the situation is not like she has thought it -- based on the image presented by questionable media and journalists.

Phelan mentioned the image of the media, that the situation on Syrian ground a prevailing of chaos, not safe and that the Syrian army deployed in the streets.

The British journalist also mentioned that she thought, based on the sold image by international media, that the anti-government protests are being held daily and everywhere. But all these thoughts were false. That`s what this journalist sees since her arrival in Syria.

Lizzie Phelan said in an interview with Syrian TV, that what she has seen during her visit to Syria until now is, that the life is still normal and that the Syrian people go to their businesses and schools in spite of some problems, of course.

Phelan also stated, that the Syrian capital Damascus is still very safe and that she herself moved around in Damascus alone, also in the late hours of the night, without facing any problems, danger or to see huge anti-government protests.

In this interview with Syria TV, the British journalist Phelan mentioned also the huge pro-government demonstration at the Umayyad Square in Damascus and that she really was surprised with the reality of the situation within Syria. Although she should have known this before -- considering, that she traveled to Libya while the partly faked "revolution" against the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi).

Lizzie Phelan made it clear in this interview with Syrian TV, that the situation in Syria is completely different from what is being conveyed to the Western population and other countries. This again raises questions about the credibility of so-called journalists and the Muslim Brotherhood-office, based in London; some call it falsely the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" --useful tool for lazy journalism or even propaganda journalism.

In her interview with Syrian TV, Lizzie Phelan also considered that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad came to the Umayyad Square and talked directly to the Syrian people there.

Phelan stated, that it has been very interesting for her to see President al-Assad at his direct talk to the people at this pro-government rally within the Syrian capital Damascus, because such media channels as BBC and al-Jazeera still claim that the Syrian people aren`t in support with the President Bashar al-Assad. This claim is false and far away from the truth.

The huge majority of Syrian people are still in support with the government or at least, with the President Bashar al-Assad. The British journalist Lizzie Phelan seems to stay in Syria a little bit longer. We are looking forward to further reports by Lizzie Phelan.


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