Sunday, 8 September 2013


"For some years ago, Matt Mackall, abandon the project / dev / random, because Torvalds's decision to prefer the Intel number generator instead of a separate random generator. This generator Intel would have a backdoor that would allow easy access to the NSA Linux platforms.

tux-nsaMackhall protested that decision as the generator of Intel's "inauditable" and this policy goes against the principles of free software.

According, this generator would contain a backdoor placed Intel intentionally allow the NSA which seamlessly access Linux platforms.

This no doubt is very serious and can not be explained as Torvalds entrusted so important to a corporation like Intel it instead of the free software community that is responsible for it."

via Via: Linux Magazine


"Linux Magazine - Castilian edition

Shared publicly - Sep 6, 2013

Perhaps, with the inclusion of a patch, Linus allow Intel snuck a door for the NSA in the Kernel.

couple of years ago Matt Mackall abandoned the project of / dev / random because Linus Torvalds dismissed his decision to create a generator random numbers from zero to, instead, use the provided Intel chipsets: Mackall protested the decision and that the mechanism of generation Intel is "inauditable" and therefore, following the ideas of Richard Stallman, could be trusted not so important. Understand that random number generators are often used to generate entropy for key generation which is then used in the communications and data encryption. now know that Intel, at the behest of the NSA, slipped a backdoor on your random number generator, precisely to enable the security agency decipher what was believed unbreakable. What if I had gone to some, Stallman being right again (tm)."

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